Sunday, October 2, 2016

Nigeria @56: Goodwill Message by Senator Isaac Alfa


Senator Isaac Alfa
As we celebrate Independence Day, on behalf of the people of Kogi East senatorial district and myself, I express our gratitude to the men and women who serve our nation at home and abroad. Thank you for all you do to help keep Nigeria as one united country.

When the Declaration of Independence was signed 56 years ago, our founding fathers pledged their lives and their sacred honor to defend our inviolable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They left a legacy that lives on today through generations of Nigerians who have made that same pledge to boldly stand up against oppression and persecution. Their devotion to the ideals is just as strong, as is their willingness to risk their lives for each other and our country. We must therefore continue to strengthen our love for each other as a people, promote peace, religious and ethnic tolerance.

Those who serve in our armed forces, and their families, have given so much to defend the ideals and free institutions we often take for granted. Their dedication reminds us that preserving Nigeria’s liberties comes with a heavy cost. Today, as we celebrate our nation’s birth, let us honor their services and strive to be worthy of their tremendous sacrifices.
God bless you, our great nation, and all who endeavor to defend it. Happy 1st October!

Air Marshal Isaac Mohammed Alfa,
Senator, Kogi East Senatorial District
National Assembly, Abuja.

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Nigeria @56: Goodwill Message by Senator Isaac Alfa
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