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Shiru Lawal: Profile Of An Honest Broker Synonymous To ‘Talk And Do’


In the Kakanda belief system, it is believed that a child of destiny is different from his peers who also came to the world to fulfill another mission which may be significantly demanded, but certainly not for leadership, and that such a destiny child would have been endowed with sprawling gift to deliver his mission.

However, a Marxist like Chompsky in line with the argument of Karl Marx submits that suffering and success are organically linked; for one must suffer to succeed. While the belief system of a race cannot be rubbished without foundation in fool-proof fact; experience has shown that life is a mixture of both, for the destiny of a child can only be fulfilled if such an individual engages the nature on the given and asserts his best in any given situation.

A glance look at his life places him as a man concern about service. Within a short stint as Administrator, he has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he has many plus and wisdom to reposition Lokoja LGA for greatness.

To many, he is a wise choice, one whose choice has brought a new lease of life to the administration of the council since its inception.

That the challenges in the administration of councils are not what should be overlooked,  Shiru seem to fit into the big shoes, making transparency, accountability form the core focus of his administration.

Very young in age, Hon. Shiru is greatly endowed in terms of administrative acumen. Very strong with a sense of history and a firm believer in God that gives power, the council boss is described by many as a walking encyclopedia and a lover of peace.

Shiru, a detribalized leader who believes in dialogue. An amiably and gentle who  is not into politics by accident, right from his days into schools, he has distinguished himself as a leader, with large following at every stage of his life

Hon. Shiru Lawal was born in August 1976 to the family of Mal. Zakari Shiru and Mallama Khadijat at Cantonment in Ward B, behind CCS bookshop. He started his Primary School Education at the Oldest Primary school in Northern Nigeria, Bishop Ajayi Crowther Primary school and graduated in 1985. He thereafter proceeded to Crowther Memorial College for his Secondary School Education and graduated in 1991.

Hon. Shiru’s dream right from Primary Schools days was to study Medicine, a quest he pursued rigorously and passionately but as fate would have it, he was denied admission into Ahmadu Bello University despite performing excellently in both WASSC and JAMB. Hon. Shiru opted for Accountancy between 1993-1999 due to constant strike action. Hon. Shiru Lawal served in the office of the Accountant General of the Federation, Abuja, between 2000-2001, and because of his penchant for hard work he got his first job with First Bank where he worked between 2001-2005.

He then moved to Arid Developers  Nigeria Ltd in 2006 and 2013 where he served as the financial controller. From Arid Developers, Hon. Shiru moved to Green Belt Shelter Nigeria Ltd between 2013 and 2015.

A man who has shown to many the path of greatness, Hon. Shiru walked the tall to success in his life chosen career of accounting with an unblemished record.
His lofty ambition to conquer greater heights and touch more lives, break new grounds and live above the common standard of excellence, made him to join the murky waters of Nigerian politics where he got appointed as an Administrator.

In his private capacity, Hon. Shiru worked as Financial Controller, Greenbelt Shelter Nigeria Ltd, Abuja between 2012 and 2016, holds membership of ICAN and NIM since May 2016.
Politically, Hon. Shiru Lawal is passionate member of All Progressives Congress (APC). The party he belonged before his appointment in May, 9th 2016, as the Administrator of Lokoja Local Government Area, by His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State.

To the glory of God, this appointment has turned to a blessing to the people of the area.
His achievements since assumption to office cannot be overemphasized. He is the man of many first.

Record of impact by the Administrator, Lokoja Local Government

Policies undertaken by Hon. Shiru Lawal Administrator Lokoja Local Government.
1. Education policies:
Scholarship for over two hundred (200) indigents in primary and secondary school with books, uniforms, sandals across the ten wards of the Local Government.
Payment of WAEC, NECO and JAMB for hundreds of indigent students of Lokoja Local Government.

Introduction of free Holiday Lesson across the ten (10) wards with books.
Supporting privately school fees for tertiary institutions students from the area.

Project executed by the Administrator of Lokoja Local Government are as followed

1. Water projects executed: 
Mr. Borehole has executed the following water projects
Construction of a motorized borehole in Anguwan Hamza ward “C” with a generating set.
Construction of a motorized borehole at Upper Cantonment in ward “B” with generating set.
Upgrading of a motorized borehole in Cantonment Central ward “B” from a single tank to double tanks and provision of a generating set.
Construction of a motorized borehole at Anguwan Kura ward “C” with a generating set.
Construction of a motorized borehole at Sarkin-Noma community in ward “E” with a generating set.
Construction of a motorized borehole and provision of a generating set at Karaworo ward “C”.
Construction of manual boreholes at Obajana primary school Obajana.
Construction of a motorized borehole at the Council Secretariat.
Rehabilitation of a hand pumping borehole at European Cementry community, Lokoja ward “A’.
Rehabilitation of a manual borehole around Baba Nagari Mosque Newlayout Ward “A’ Lokoja.
Rehabilitation of a manual borehole directly opposite Shettima’s House, Newlayout ward “A”.
Construction, Renovation and Rehabilitation CRR of the office of Maigari of Lokoja
Donation of 30 wheel chairs, crutches and keke napep to the association of persons living with disabilities in kogi state

2. Educational Projects
The education ambassador has carried out the following:
Rehabilitation of LGEA Primary School, Cantonment ward “B” Lokoja.
Construction of chairs and tables for schools across the 10 wards, for the use of teachers and students.
Distribution of over 1000 books to indigents students across the 10 wards of the area.
Distribution of teaching aid to teachers in schools in the area.
se and distribution of drugs and kits across the Primary Health Care Centers in the 10 wards of Lokoja Local Government Area.

4. Road Projects:
Grading of Jamata-Abugi road which serves 5 wards of Lokoja II viz Oworo, Kakanda, Eggan, Kupa North and Kupa South respectively.
Construction of culvert and mini bridge in Anguwan Pawa in ward “D” Lokoja.
Construction of the entrance road to Cantonment ward “B” Lokoja.

5. Electricity Project
Fencing of transformer at Anguwan-Kura ward “D” Lokoja.
Provision of fund for the dropping of a line from NRC transformer to serve the community.

6. Security
Rehabilitation of police patrol van for A,B,C,D and Obajana Divisions.
Provision of office for the men of the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps along Galilee
Provision of support to the vigilante to boost their morale.
Prompt response to the menace of Fulani herdsmen/farmers crisis.
The first to travelled with the Commissioner of Police to all communities plagued by herdsmen/farmers crisis.

7. Youth and women Empowerment
Provision of water pumping machine for car wash youths in Lokoja metropolis.
He has supported hugely different youth organisations.
He has also given strong priority to women organisation and Prompt payment of subvention for NYCN.

The young man has transformed the working of the council administration from the old manual ways to one that is science based.

Today, records which hitherto take years to find, with Shiru’s magic wand things are now working in the Local Government Secretariat.

In 2012, Lokoja went under water during the flood, the proactive measure he has put in place, another plus for him, would make the people of the area not to be too vulnerable to losses and danger ever if the predicted flood occur.

A young man whose lifestyle of simplicity, humility and intelligence is a model for upcoming youths of today, Hon. Shiru, no doubt is a blessing in disguise to the people of Lokoja LGA.

On what is the strength behind his ability to do things rightly since he assumed office, Hon. Shiru ascribed it to fairness, industry, justice and forthrightness, above all humility.
Not happy that Lokoja as a metropolitican city is still lagging behind in development, Hon. Shiru says he has drawn a blueprint that will through public private partnership and increased revenue generation assist in the infrastructural development of the state capital.

One vital words to the people of Lokoja from Hon. Shiru is for them to allow peace to reign supreme. For him, the youths must not allow themselves to be used in truncating the good intentions of Gov. Yahaya Bello, called for peace and dialogue at all times as panacea for all round development.
According to Josiah Gilbert Holland, “A time like this demands men whom the lust of office does not kill. Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy, men who posses opinion and will, men who have honour, men who will not lie, men who can stand before a demagogue and damn his treacherous flattery without winking. Tall men, sun crowned like Shiru who are above the fog in public duty and in private thinking. In Lokoja, certainly God seem to have given them such a man in Hon. Shiru Lawal.

He is a member of the following professional organizations such as:
1.Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM)
3. Private Marshal FRSC

Membership of Community Organization
1. DANKO Developement Association
2. The Cantonment Youth Developement Association (CYDA)
3. A member of Ward B First etc

He is known and called several names for his massive grassroots transformation. Popular among them is Talk and Do, Mr. Borehole, the Youth Ambassador, Education Ambassador, Buharin Lakwaja, etc

He has won several awards recent among them is Jarman Matasan Arewa by Northern Youth Council of Nigeria, Lokoja Progressives Youth Forum among others.
– Mubaraq Yasmin

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Shiru Lawal: Profile Of An Honest Broker Synonymous To ‘Talk And Do’
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