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Another LG Administrator Appoints 140 Aides In Kogi (Full List)


Barely ten days after the Administrator of Dekina LGA, Prince Ishaq Shaibu Okolo appointed 198 aides in a day, his Adavi LGA counterpart , Hon. Joseph Omuya Sanusi, has announced the appointment of 140 persons to serve the council in various capacities.
In a press statement signed by Engr. Jamiu Habeeb, special assistant on media and publicity, 41 persons were appointed senior special assistants, 59 as special assistants, 6 as special advisers, while a 6-man team were apoointed to handle council media matters.
Full list of his new appointees and special committee members.


1.Hon. Muhammed Ochenika- Chief of staff
1. Hon. Yunusa Hamza  – PA I
2.Hon. Sheidu Salihu     – PA II.
3.Hon.Lawrence Abogude  – PA III.
4. Hon. Wahab Abogude  – PA IV.

1.Engr.JIMOH HABIB .B. – Special Adviser on media &Publicity .
2.Hon. Anehi Adai Dauda- sp. Asst. On media/publicity
3.Hon. Yusuf Ojo Adams-sp.asst. on media/publicity
4Hon. Mohammed Jamiu Adomu- sp.asst. on media/publicity
5. Hon. Abdulllahi Muhammed- Sp. Asst.Media/publicity (photographer )
Hon.Shaibu Ako-onoh- press Secretary.


1. Hon. Nasiru Yusuf – Political.
2.Hon. Diyo Mataga – security.
3. Hon.Obeh Ovosi – legal.
4.Hon.Alex Ohikere – Education matter.
5. Hon.Ojo Haruna – special duty.
6. Hon. Tijani- Youths & Empowerment

1. Abdullahi Salawu – security/intelligence.
2. Yusuf Obadaki- political Analysis.
3.Abdullahi Abdulsalami – Non-Government Organization.
4. Osuwa Enyisi- Transport.
5. Sumaila Ochu- Education.
6.Suzan Onozasi Joseph- I.C.T.
7Abdulmalik Enesi Asubo- Culture/Tourism.
8.Fedelix Anaye- Mobilization.
9.Umar Hussein Asuku- Youth Mobilization(East).
10.Yakubu Abdulsalami Jatto- Youth Mobilization.
11.Jimoh Ilyas- Transportation.
12. Otaru Thomas- Project Monitoring.
13.Ovoro Abdullahi .O.- Youth Mobilization.
14. Yakubu Sumaila- Health Matter.
15.Ahmed Adavi Abdullazeez- Culture/Tourism.
16.Haruna Bello- Islamic Education.
17.Alh. Aminulahi Sheik Ahmed Rufai- Religious Affairs.
18. Araga Adeiza Alex- ICT/Computer.
19.Shaibu Musa- Youth Mobilization.
20.Abdulrahman Ovavu Muhammed- Youth Mobilization.
21.Momohsanni Sadiq- Youth Mobilization (West).
22.Lukman Abdulkarim- Culture/Tourism.
23. Sheidu Salihu- Agriculture.
24.Lamidi Alao- conflict Resolution
25.Christopher Maliki- Project Monitoring.
26.Salihu Halimat Onyeche- Women Affairs.
27. Rashida Abdullahi- Women Mobilization.
28. Ohunene Owuda Fatima- Children Affair/Social Development.
29.Bello Ibrahim Joddy- Traditional Matter
30- Ibrahim Sadiq- Security (East).
31.Wahab Yusuf- Security (West).
32. Ayishat Adezuka- Health Matter.
33.Hassan MomohJimoh- Land and Survey.
34.Abu Idris Asema- Road Maintenance.
35.Shaibu .O. Yakubu- Finance.
36.Aniki Anate Saka- Agriculture.
37.Jimoh Hassana – Education Matter.
38.Rekiya Sadiq- Women Integration.
39.Bello Isah Abdullahi- Youth Mobilization.
40.Muhammed Abubakar- Non Indigene
41. Adams .A. Abubakar -Youth Mobilization.


1.Suberu Asuku- Ward Mobilization.
2.Momoh .O. Abdulmumuni- Mobilization(West).
3.zainab Osondo- Women Mobilization.
4.Mataga Hussein- Youth Empowerment.
5.Barnabas Oyibo- Inter-Party Affairs.
6.Ipemida Yusuf- Property Recovery.
7.Hamzat Sadiq- Agriculture Resources.
8.Ibrahim Onimisi Jimoh- Youth Mobilization.
9.Abu Medinat- Women Mobilization.
10.Salihu Yakubu Okehi- Market Supervision.
11.Ismaila Aliu- Market Matter.
12.Usman Abdulrahman- Physically Challenge.
13.Sadiq Itopa- Religious Affairs.
14.Sadiq Musa Otori- Agriculture.
15.Yakubu Abass- Youth Integration.
16.Shaibu Abdullahi- Youth Orientation.
17.Musa Onuvajo- Youth Enlightenment.
18.Tijani Hussein- Youth Empowerment.
19.Momoh Mary- Women Mobilization.
20.Itopa Ejima Muhammed- Youth Advancement.
21.Adams Enebe- Transportation.
22.Yusuf Sherifat- Women Advancement.
23.Solomon Haruna Abda- Culture/Tourism.
24.Yahaya Ayijimoh- Women Affairs.
25.Jimoh Ibrahim Ajanaku- Youth Mobilization.
26.Adams Abdulmumuni- Farm Produce.
27.AbdulAzeez Salawudeen- Property Maintenance.
28.Hajara Sule- Women Entertainment.
29.Khadijat Ilyas- Market Women.
30.AbdullAzeez Suberu- Private Secondary Schools.
31.Suleiman Abdulrahman- Private Hospitals.
32.Salihu Muhammed- Private Nur./Prim.Schools.
33.Idris Ashawu- Adult Education.
34.Adavize Salami- Youth Mobilization.
35.Momoh Ojo David- Solid Minerals.
36.Yahaya Bello- Power & Energy.
37.Malik Gomina- Grassroot Orientation/Sanitization.
38.Yakubu Abdulrahman Adaviriku- Ecological.
39.Salihu Dauda- Environmental Sanitation.
40.Onimisi Idris Salami- Schools Supervision.
41.Ibrahim Abdulmumuni- Labour Matter.
42.Joseph Ezekiel Anataku- Youth Orientation.
43.MomohJimoh IIyas- Youth Integration.
44. Lawrence Salami- Domestic I.
45.Barnabas Salami- Domestic II.
46.Isah Abdullahi Itopa- Youth Empowerment.
47. Adams Hajara- Women Mobilization.
48.Asiya Ismaila- Women Advancement.
49.Rekiya Sadiq- Women Integration.
50. Sefi Addi- Women Enhancement.
51. Abdulraheem Rekiya- Special Duty
52.Idowu Asiye Ibrahim-Culture
53. Abdulrahaman Gomina- road maintenance.
54. Yusuf Sumaila- okada Rider.
55. Abdulmalik Tijani- mobility
56.Abu majebi -Youth Advancement.
57.Faruk Adams – Logistic
58.Muyeeden Idris-Vehicle maintenance
59.Umar Ibrahim-water Resources.

1.Hon.Lamidi Musari- Sp. Asst. Information.
2.Hon. Atika Yakubu- Sp. Asst. Political.
3.Hon. Mary Momoh- P.A.
4.Hon. Ohunene Musa- sp.asst.on women mobilization.
1.Hon. Kashim Ajare- Chairman.
2.Hon. Ahmed Obeito- Member.
3.Hon. Umar .I. Abdullahi-Member.
4.Hon.Muhammed .M. Ozigi- Member.
5.Hon. Folonsho Salihu-P.R.O


1. Hon.Gefrey Omeiza- Chairman.
2.Hon. Emmanuel Ehusani-Secretary.
3.Isah Salihu-member.
4.Sadiq Isah- member
5.Idris Umar- Member


1.Hon.Ibrahim  -chairman 
2.Hon. Nuhu Ahmed Adorere – Secretary


1.Sule okanga- chairman
2.Oricha  Itopa- member
3.John Adeiza David – member
4.Joshua Devid- member
5. Ibrahim O. Abubakar- member
6.Idris Umar-memeber
7. Kekere Momohjimoh – member
8. Isah Hassan- member

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