Thursday, July 12, 2018

Audu/Faleke Group Distances Self From Bello’s Reconciliation Committee, Sets For Mass Defection


Members of the Audu/Faleke faction of the Kogi State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kabba-Bunu local government area of the state have dissociated themselves from the Duro Meseko-led reconciliation committee created by the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya and also threatened mass defection to a new party.
According to a communiqué issued at the end of their meeting on Tuesday, which was signed by the chairman, Chief Samuel Meseko, and other leaders of the group, reiterated their position.
They also said that they would not be part of a reconciliation arrangement of the governor, led by Hon. Duro Meseko, describing it as ridiculous and laughable.
The communiqué said, “The effort is ridiculous and laughable. Governor Bello is the problem of APC in Kogi State. How can a problem be the solution? An issue in the crisis is the anti-democratic conduct of the governor in the party. Examples include his decision not to follow the constitution of the party in the election of party executives; his unilateral handpicking of the party’s state chairman in the last APC state congress and an imposition of members of his minority group as executives of the party at the ward, local and state levels.
“It is, therefore, ridiculous and laughable that such a character will expect that serious-minded persons and group like the Audu/Faleke will take his kangaroo reconciliation with even a pinch of seriousness. Bello is never known for keeping any promise. The entire political landscape of Kogi State and Bello’s political career are littered with carcasses of victims of his deceit. His offer of reconciliation is a poisoned chalice that anyone will accept at his own peril. We reject it.
i. The meeting tremendously appreciates the steadfast stand of the leadership of Audu/Faleke political group all over Kogi state against injustice, pains and suffering the people of Bunuland and indeed Kogi state had been forced to contend with in the last three years of APC rule.
ii. The meeting recognized the resilience, patience and continued support of members for the Audu/Faleke political family in Kabba-Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi and Kogi state at large.
iii. The meeting resolve to align itself with whatever conclusion the leadership of Audu/Faleke arrived at in the emerging political formation/realignments in the country in the interest of Justice and fair play.
iv. The meeting vehemently distance itself from any form of reconciliation that does not emanate from and with full participation of the leadership of Audu/Faleke political family that were shoved aside by APC in Kogi State after the huge successes recorded at the pools in November 2015 .
v. The meeting pointed out clearly that Hon. Duro Meseko is their son, a leading figure in the Audu/Faleke political family in Kogi state. But that he did not inform them of whatever decision reached at any level to reconciling them with any group and as such, he does not have their pleasure in his new found affinity with the Government of Kogi state and as such cannot speak on their behalf.
vi. The meeting therefore resolved to distance themselves from the Duro Meseko led reconciliation committee in the Western Senatorial District of Kogi state with any group.
The meeting resolve that henceforth, appointment into any position within or outside the party on their behalf should be allowed to emanate from them and that all forms of imposition from outside should be discouraged in the interest of justice and of the party.

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Audu/Faleke Group Distances Self From Bello’s Reconciliation Committee, Sets For Mass Defection
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