Thursday, July 12, 2018

Igalamela/Odolu 2019: OPA Picks PDP Intent Form for Elder Friday Sani Makama


By Inah Stephen Eyiene, Lokoja.
In honour of what God has used Elder Friday Paul Sani Makama to do in the lives of the masses, especially the building of Odolu Home in Abuja FCT, the Odolu Progressive Association (OPA) has procured PDP Intent Form for the lawmaker.
OPA said the move was a mark of solidarity and unalloyed support for Makama’s third term bid for the Kogi State House of Assembly seat.
No doubt, the new Odolu Home has given the people a sense of belonging at the Federal Capital Territory Abuja Nigeria. It has also strengthen the family ties, community consciousness of all sons and daughters to share moments of love and genuine affection together to move the mission and vision of everyone forward in Abuja with its positive impact felt at Odolu home town.
 While responding to OPA clarion call, Makama promised to defend the interest of his constituents at all times.
“I am very grateful to you all. I will continue to do only that thing which will make you happy. And I will continue to protect your right. I will defend what belongs  to an Igalamela man. I will defend what belongs to an Odolu man. I am about to do it and I will do it to the end. What Odolu Progressive Association ( OPA) Abuja Branch has done by purchasing an Intent Form for me is a demonstration of your believe in me. And since you still believe in me to make heard those who cannot speak for themselves, be rest assured  that I will never disappoint you. Thank you and God bless you,” he said.
The lawmaker said he strongly hold on to the believe that good governance is not something to be begged for, it must be demanded.
“Meeting the demands, yearnings and aspiration of the voiceless is the only alternative source of power to a leader, not benevolent dictatorship,” he added.

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Igalamela/Odolu 2019: OPA Picks PDP Intent Form for Elder Friday Sani Makama
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