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Opinion: Igala Sons and Daughters, Division is a Distraction


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This post does not cast aspersion on anyone. It’s not about the pros and cons in our political system. But an upshots for a soft landing on the much desired Igala kingdom.
It’s paradoxical to say that Igala kingdom is rising amidst enormous challenges, ranging from economic stagnation to high level of poverty, political quag-mire, mysterious death, thuggery and above all, lack of UNITY.

By nature, Igalas are peace loving, easily contented and accommodating.

But suddenly, quests for wherewithal and pride recanted the common bond that had kept us erstwhile. We now scheme each other’s downfall, outline errors, failures, mis-steps etc. In reality, progress has visibly become an interdicted norms among Igalas. With several inhuman acts such as, envy, malice, witchcraft, hatred variance, mimicry and nonconformity been perpetrated against each others.
At best, Igala man/woman is at peace if he is perceived to be nobody yet. But once he attains certain height either by privileged or merit, perhaps, decided to champion the cause of his people, he becomes the talk of the day with tittle-tattles here and there.

It’s then that his or her biography will be mischievously outlined. Some inconsequential fellows will abandon their priorities to make sure they blot his hard-earned reputation, and at random, it’s now the accursed symptoms- Witchcraft.

Where is our pride and contentment?
We appeared unimpeachable to each other but backstabbers in disguise. Clergy against clergy. Politician against politician. Even the poor and vulnerable masses against each others. Thus, we will-fully become an architect behind our predicament.
We have forgotten that unity in diversity is the very essence of life. Hence, we became so adamant to self interest that our conscience no longer function against inflicting evil on anyone. We get committed to all manner of devilish acts just to pull outliers among us back to their toes. As a result, great human resources and gross transformation agent have suddenly returned to the streets. Infact, the ME MYSELF & I syndrome have beclouded our sense of responsibility, thereby ignoring the fact that it takes two flints to make a fire.

Flipping through history pages will deposit in mind, the name of Attah Ameh Idakwo Oboni for his inexhaustible energy in bringing freedom and hope to Igala nation. We also celebrate the legendary princess INIKPI for her courage, love and the unity of Igala land upon which she willingly handed her life as ransom. Why then do we run our communion with unshared identity and phony self-serving eccentricity, knowing fully well that what divides us pales in comparison to what unites us?
Nowadays, political parties has become a rostrum on which aspirations and forecaster performance is measured. We draw uncorrelated instincts among political office holders. Point finger at errors instead of proffering solutions to the hovering strife among our leaders which at large, would sideline developmental prospects.

Have we suddenly forgotten that the greatest power and strength lies in UNITY?
In 2013, Romeo Jalosjos of Philippines wanted to contest for mayor of Zamboanga, a major city in the southern Philippines. He was disqualified over a child rape case instituted against him. His brother was also disqualified from the governorship race over a robbery case against him. Romeo Jalosjos though relinquished, but recruited nine members of his family to contest for several positions in Zamboanga out of which his two daughters, at once, eyed the governorship position.
Now, the puzzle is, there had never been a time in Jalosjos’ daughter’s political history where accussing fingers were pointed against each others. Rather, it was a free contest which all support must be accorded whoever emerged the winner.

In 2015, governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara state polled a total vote of 716,964 to defeat his father in-law in the April 2015 gubernatorial election. His wife never divorced him because he defeated her father.

Former house of representative speaker, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal also defeated his brother in-law to emerge Sokoto state governor. His wife never ceases to be his wife because he contested against her brother.

Dr. Earnest Azudialu, CEO Obijackson group of companies and Dr. Ifeanyi Uba, CEO capital oil and gas are two industrious personalities from Okija axis of Anambra state. Although they are rivalry-in-prominence. But instead of fighting over trivial issues, they both partnered to transform the small Okija community into a paradise.

Why then do we raise insubstantial dust on ourselves instead of coming together to master-plan the face of our kingdom?
My take;

Success ladder must be climbed gradually and it’s travellers must move in company.
Dear heirs of Igala kingdom, non of us is as smart as all of us. We must therefore, encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by all.
A country can only experience speedy economic development if there is unity in the realm of it’s governance. As a people, all we need to achieve our dreamed Igala kingdom is unity.

Political party is just a constitutional platform for holding office of governance and it’s adherence must shed sentiment. So, whoever emerged under any platform must be accorded due supports in concordance with common will. We must abhor ‘blame-games. We must also understand that a finger cannot pick lice from the hair. Division thrives in selfishness but unity flourish in selflessness. We must cultivate the habit of selflessness and be a brother’s keeper.

Unity in purpose, spirit and consciousness is of immense value to a sound economic and political existence.

Therefore, let us support the strong,  give courage to the timid, remind the indifferent and warn the opposed.

We must embrace collectivism over individualism, contrive our rules of engagement and renounce tedious considerations.
With this, an Igala kingdom where hills and valleys Nestle in wedlock of heritage is achievable without war of words, guns and arrows.

God Bless Igalaland
God Bless Kogi state.
– John Paul

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Opinion: Igala Sons and Daughters, Division is a Distraction
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