Sunday, July 15, 2018

Opinion: A Passionate Appeal to All Kogites and Political Gladiators


It is an obvious fact glaring enough to the blind, audible to the deaf and accessible to the cripple that our dear state, Kogi, is on life support machine politically, economically and in other wises. These unfortunate situations are not unconnected to mismanagement and overbearing personal interest of the so called or acclaimed gladiators.

A state is supposed to be administered based on rules and regulations with the interest of the masses being very paramount, this is not a privilege but a right which they, Masses, can demand accountability on, but quiet disheartening and unfortunately, the gladiators who rode to a positions through the consent of the populace suddenly becomes demi-gods, their household, most notably their children becomes active decision makers both in an outside govt as the case maybe.
Apparently, there are both positive and negative consequences of their actions whose brunts are basically borne by the masses.

To all political gladiators irrespective of who, the time now is a time where any attempt at  impunity will spell doom to any unpopular choice that maybe  foisted on the people, even a party in govt remains wary of imposition and impunity,  those of us in PDP during an till now can clinically xray what negative consequences impunity and inconsiderate self interest can have on the success of a party.

Our former Governors, other leaders as well, you people shall remain and will always be held in high esteem, I fundamentally want to  suggest that in the course of people seeking to represent us in any elective offices or positions, as they run to you for support, beam your searchlight keenly in other to get to know genuine and popular ones with the right mission and vision  before endorsement, even at that, a level playing field  should be guaranteed to give room for test of popularity and healthy competitions. The few  that may have access to you leaders should not paint pictures of any other  aspirant’s popularity wrongly,  feelers from the street should attest to all the aspirants acceptability and the primaries should be able to  transform the expected popularity to electoral victory. As it is now, for any party to achieve electoral success in the forthcoming General election, a very popular candidate remains the best option. I appeal you people support and allow the people to make their choices.

Let those aspirants meet with the people, have interface, tell the masses what they  have done and what they intend doing as well as what is their understanding of the prevailing challenges we are faced with, then what likely solutions they have, thank God such platform have been put in place, Sunday Atabor and His team started it, let other aspirants come and  face the people.

To the MASSES of Kogi state, its the highest of time we took our destinies in our own hands, lets stop canonizing those who does not care or have a better agenda for our living, we must  demand accountability from them as our Representatives, they are not in any way super human, the gulf created between us is a deliberate demarcation to separate “US” from “THEM”.

All we need do now is to unanimously resolved to confront them by demanding for the agenda with which they intend to represent us in whatever category of representation, its mandatory on us. The divide and rule reward after all the hustle to victory is just temporary,and we must equally make efforts to refuse that.

We must make a passionate statement as a people in the coming elections, our choices of who represent us should be based on certain criteria; accessibility, workable agenda, a social contract, accountability and others.

It is about our (MASSES) collective future and not that of the few sons, daughters or some political gladiators affluence.

It is now or never.

Kogi is greater that any individual, we must collectively guide it in the interest of all.

– Mall. Ahmed Suleiman (MAS)

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Opinion: A Passionate Appeal to All Kogites and Political Gladiators
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