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When Will The Monster Of Money Politics Come To An End In Ebira Politics?


It goes without saying that we are presently gripped in the miasma of politicking, in keeping with the guidelines released by the electoral umpire (Independent Electoral Commission). In view of this, politicians eyeing various political offices in the forthcoming general elections have ignited their wide consultations and feverish preparations to position them for a good outing in the primaries and subsequently in the election proper for those who are lucky to pick the tickets of their respective political parties.
True, this is the scenario that is playing out in virtually all the wards and constituencies across the three senatorial districts of Kogi State. In view of this, fellow anebiras, this write-up was provoked by the age-long negative, ugly, undemocratic and unwholesome trend of money politics that have taken root in this part of Nigeria.
I have witnessed under this democratic dispensation the issue of money politics that has been entrenched in our political architecture. Needless to say that as a democrat and former political Journalist with the Graphic newspaper, I am sick and tired of this negative phenomenon in our dear community which has unfortunately become a way of life in our political environment.
I cannot remember when last we played politics of ideas and meritocracy in our dear land as money politics has suddenly become the byword in our polity. Most of our credible and competent politicians has been shut out and denied Ebira nation from benefiting from their selfless service because they are unfortunately not blessed with deep pockets to buy their ways into various political offices in the land at both State and national levels.
It is an open secret that all that is required these days for aspirants to win elections into House of Assemblies, House of Representatives, and the Senate in Ebira land today is humungous money to buy votes of party delegates during primaries and the electorate in the election proper.
In Ebira land today, people of good content of character, integrity, credibility, and political competence are being consistently denied the opportunity to serve their people. This ugly trend has been promoted to high heaven during elections. This scenario have obviously denied our people the benefits of good governance, quality representations, and the much needed development required from our political leaders who have occupied or planning to occupy various political offices ahead of the forthcoming 2019 general elections.
If my memory serves me right, the last time in our political history that we witnessed selfless and meritorious politics in the land ended with the glorious era of late Sen. A. T. Ahmed, Sen. Isa Obaro, late Sen. Pius Jimoh Lasisi, late Dr. Akpoti, and few others that gave Ebira land their much needed selfless services and development.
In this our era, moneybags have taken over and reigning supreme in our political environment. As it were, it has been money politics or political brigandage all the way. The Ebira nation has paid the price and will continue to pay the price until we allow sanity, common sense and politics of ideas to return to our communities.
From what I’m seeing so far, it appears this would remain a mirage or utopian dream for those of us who want the best in our polity. In the build-up to the forthcoming general elections, I regret to say that the status-quo will likely remain with us, at least beyond the next dispensation.
It is evidently clear that our delegates who have shown their unquenchable thirst and unrestrained passion for money are already warming up for their seasonal harvests during general elections. My candid advice for aspirants without deep pockets is that they should not waste their time, energy, and resources looking for what are not available in the political environment.
True, until decent politics of ideas returns to our land, we may have a long way to go in our search for true development and progress in our land. I wish to quickly point out that for those who have money and ideas, they are free to prove their worth in the forthcoming general election. That is the kernel of this write-up.
Long live Ebira people, long live our politicians while we await the return of the good old days when we have people of timbre and caliber in our political space. I rest my case.
– Otori Ozigi is a retired Public Servant, Journalist/PR Consultant

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When Will The Monster Of Money Politics Come To An End In Ebira Politics?
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